Reflections on the Holiest of Nights

I have taken it upon myself to read through this enormous (1200+ pages) anthology of -nearly every- written work of John Milton. It contains all of his poetry and while at times it is difficult to understand some of the more intricate references and illusions, I have really been enjoying it.

Included in my last reading time was his poem about the birth of Christ. I was really moved by these stanzas from On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity”:

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30 Days of Prayer for the Roma


Hello everyone,

To kick off my new blog I will be posting once a day on Facebook and Instagram for the next 30 days. Each day I am asking readers to join us in prayer for a specific place, person, or ministry. All of them relate to our work with the Roma Bible Union. So I hope they will be not only a way for you to pray, but also a way for you to better get to know our work and teammates!

We covet your prayers!! It means so much to have people praying. Never underestimate the mountains God can move through the prayers of His people!

So please join with me in praying daily for these people and places I share! Let us storm the gates of Heaven with prayers for the Roma!

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The History of the Roma

This is an abbreviated history of the Roma (Romani people) as told by myself. I am drawing  from research done online but also heavily from the fantastic book “Pariah Syndrome” written by Dr. Ian Hancock, who is considered the world expert on Roma History. I hope that this article is helpful for those who wish to learn more about the people we minister to. It is also intended to be something of a review for those who have heard my talk on Roma and the Roma Bible Union. Continue reading “The History of the Roma”

All Hope Ends Here

For those who have read our emailed prayer letter over the last year, this will be a familiar story. I feel it’s worth sharing here because it so encapsulates a deep-rooted feeling found from one Roma village to another.

When I speak in front of churches about the Roma and the problems they face, it’s not gambling, crime, drunkenness or poverty that is at the core of their struggles. Continue reading “All Hope Ends Here”

36 Cents an Hour


To start this journey off I wanted to share a story which I have shared several times now at various meetings and classes I have spoken at. It is the incredible story of the village of Gilanfa.

One morning in April of this year, I received a call from Gergely, one of our teammates within the RBU (Roma Bible Union) Hungary team. He asked me to join him for a day of visiting at a village near our city. Continue reading “36 Cents an Hour”